3 November
to mid-December

Barbara Laurie - prints and paintings depicting animals and birds

I started drawing as an adult after my daughter-in-law gave me some lessons with Clare Trenchard as a Christmas present.
Inspired by a few years with Clare I went to Weymouth College, part-time, to do a foundation course. I was so impressed by the young full-time students, and their knowledge of different media – in my school days it was pencil and water-colour only – that I decided to do a GCSE and A level in art at a small local class, ArtXtra, to increase my understanding of the basics. Then I went back to the Trenchard classes in Abbas Wootton and occasionally to John Meaker’s life classes in Abbotsbury.

I am showing here a small series of prints, acrylic paint on water-colour paper.
These are reductions to very simple images of local animals.
There are cards replicating most of the prints available here too.