A word from the artist...  
  I was born in Canada and raised in its wide open spaces by the shores of the Great Lakes. Therefore I’m used to being near large bodies of water (albeit freshwater) and limestone quarries, though moving to Weymouth in South Dorset has still been a revelation. Having now lived here for more than a decade, I can reflect on how my life has been changed and how my art has evolved...
Lakes replaced by sea, many friends and much of my family now at a great distance but new friendships and creative networks being established on this side of ‘the pond’.

   My art degree seems far less important these days than my school-of-life education, as running my own small business, particularly through a long recession has been extremely challenging.
When studying, I majored in Printmaking (specialising in photo/lithographic processes) but, as previously, I enjoy working in almost any medium. Often I will combine media within a piece to enrich it and frequently switch from one focal medium to another to keep myself from getting either too bored or too fixated.

  Inspiration usually comes from unexpected or rarified things – moments of light, something rusty, interesting people, world events, beachcombing finds, exceptional looking produce, changes in the weather, a striking image or a particularly absorbing book, poem or article – almost anything.

  Having a diverse toolkit, I’ve noted that I am drawn to different media in order to depict different subjects. I love painting still life, drawing portraits, industrial and landscape photography, illustrative printmaking, mixed media collage and sculpting with found objects. I enjoy working abstractly and expressively as well as highly representationally, but I find my abstract work usually ends up being either extremely personal or politically charged and so I hesitate to exhibit it or share it with others.
I also enjoy designing and making jewellery utilising unusual and hand-crafted beads, natural materials and interesting, recycled elements.

  For several years I ran an independent art gallery in Weymouth helping many emerging artists to get established and gain notoriety, but recently I have opted to return to making and marketing my own art. The Full Gamut Studio Gallery is still my creative headquarters and I encourage anyone who is interested in my work, or in having me assist them in producing some of their own to contact me there on either:

Telephone (44)-(0)1305 830433  between 10am-10pm, or via email: info@fullgamut-artgallery.co.uk 

  Another new place to source jewellery, collectibles, art and antiques is my new commercial space – Full Gamut Trading – located in Hall 2 of The Dorchester Curiosity Centre. Find me on Facebook to watch for further updates or send me your email address to receive similar notifications about sales and special events in the future.     

Kimberley MacKeown