What is it?

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The Full Gamut is a community oriented commercial art gallery with an in-house coffee bar and private patio garden. The gallery features a fabulous array of original art, quality crafts and gifts. The coffee bar offers a wide selection of gourmet drinks and baked goodies giving gallery visitors the opportunity to relax and consider the artwork at their leisure.

The gallery's opening season was very successful and the concept has been extremely well received by neighbours, local residents and visitors to the area. Exhibiting artists have been enjoying the additional market exposure - a chance to show off their wares - and some commissions have also resulted which is superb!

Workshops and private tutorials have also been a great success. For more information, photo diaries and testimonials from participants investigate the workshops page.

Owner Kimberley would like to add a very big thank you to everyone who has shown their support for the gallery by visiting regularly and making it all possible.

By combining two micro enterprises Kimberley seeks to encourage the local community to learn more about artists, creative processes and about the arts generally in a welcoming environment.

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Where is it?

The Full Gamut is the culmination of an extensive renovation/restoration of a formerly derelict commercial property at 55A Chickerell Road in Weymouth, Dorset. This project has been entirely privately undertaken and was carried out by developer Paul MacKeown and a number of different teams of skilled tradesmen (and one visual artist).

The gallery cafe was recently awarded a commendation by the Weymouth Civic Society for the sympathetic way in which the renovations were carried out and the overall success of the improvements that were made. The award letter from the Society Chairman applauds the rejuvenate nature of both the property's extension and the new venture it now houses stating this "enhances the area". This was a lovely acknowledgement of all the efforts that have gone into restoring this building. Encompassingly it also recognises that the community benefits in a number of ways from having this type of business located within it.


Full Gamut owner Kimberley would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank all those involved in the renovation project ...
"It has been a lifelong dream realised to embark on this enterprise and I could never have gotten the door opened without all your skills being contributed first!
Special thanks to my parents Paul and Cheryl MacKeown, Duncan 'Mac' MacDougal, Mark 'Marcus' Hazell, Spencer Skillman (and his family for 'lending' him to us), Perry Spicer and his team at '1 to Fuse' Plumbing and Electrical as well as numerous roofers, plasterers and renderers.
My family and I would also like to thank all of our neighbours both in Chickerell Road and Prince of Wales Road for their patience and encouragement throughout the lengthy renovation.
Lastly, a special thank you to my Canadian Grandmother, Inez Baker, who has been a constant source of enthusiastic encouragement, inspiration and emotional support, a font of advice and a generous patron of the gallery. Thank you Bubby for everything."